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 This page will list updated or new things according to their date. As we get closer and closer to the reunion, check back often to see what's new.


  • 1/30/12  Accounting available on the 45th Year Reunion Page
  • 1/11/12   New feature....on the home page. Weekly "song of the week" for our senior year, with a youtube video when possible.
  • 1/3/12    The website is up and running for another year. Contact us to let us know what we might add that would interest you.
  • 12/30/11 The votes are in and the next main reunion will be a 45th in 2016. If you'd like to plan an informal get together before that, the website is a great way to contact others.
  • 12/27/11  Thanks to all of you organizers of the 40th reunion. It was well put together and a lot of effort obviously went into it. The picture CD was great -- Les: handsome + talented sons. Too bad we can't keep the web site active. Till we meet again, good luck, good health & happiness to y'all. Joleen George Smith, Tolt High School'71 Rules!
  • 8/21/11   Les has picked up all the DVD's and will be putting them in the mail tomorrow. Keep an eye out for them and if you ordered one and don't get it, please let us know.
  • 8/20/11  Pat has put a short video of the early part of the reunion on a page to the left.  Like with any youtube video it pauses a lot. A trick into watching it....let it run the first time through....then hit the replay button and it won't pause during the second run.
  • 8/19/11      This from Pat Grady:

8/16/11   Check out the 1st of 4 quizzes that Pat Grady created. It's on the reunion night page.


For some of us it was a day that had come much too soon. A day we were unprepared for, a day we wished we could postpone indefinitely, the end…..Where would we go now?


Some of us had plans: college, trade school, the service, full time employment. A few said they would travel and explore the world. Some of us had no plan at all.
We called it graduation because that is what everyone before us had called it. It’s called the same name today, 40 years later, but did we ever really graduate? Any of us?
Perhaps we’re still reciting the same history lessons we learned in Mr. Burba’s Contemporary World History Class, calculating how much of a tip to leave the waitress from lessons we had in Dick Gibbs first year Algebra Class? Perhaps instead of graduating from Tolt High School, we’ve taken everything we learned from there, with us?


The Reunion



Where did we go? What did we do? Where are we going to go now?


Then, there we were again, joined together for a day of review and remembrance, a day of introspection and comparison, a day of both questions and answers, a day of both apprehension and celebration.



I’m glad you came. I’m glad I came. It was good to see you!


  • 8/14/11  This note from Paula Hill Herd: Many thanks to the reunion committee for all their work to make the reunion a reality!!

    Creating a website, coordination of sign-ups and funds, the reminders,..all the details brought the event together in an enjoyable, relaxed fashion and I just want to say thank you.
    It is easy to say "let's have a reunion" but something else to do the work to make it happen.

    Judging from the turnout, it was obviously something important to many of us.
    Again, my thanks-Paula
  •  8/12/11  Monday August 15th is the last day you'll be able to order a DVD. Les is meeting with the professional on Tuesday to make final adjustments.
  • 8/9/11   We had a ton of fun!    You can still purchase the dvd of the reunion evening if you'd like. I've also opened up the credit card payment via this website or you can send in a check. Keep checking here for a few pictures and new posts. This website will remain up and running into December.
  • 8/4/11  You can still come even if you haven't registered! There won't be an Armadillo meal for you, but if at the last minute you decide you'd like to come.....GREAT!  Those of us attending would love to see you.
  • 8/3/11     Ode to down the road...by Ted Morris

    Yer still feelin' sporty
    and that is to be understood
    however, you'll need to add forty
    'cause yer cruisin' in another hood

    Who am I to say
    what time has done...?
    let's get together to play
    just ol' fashioned Tolt High fun

    Where did you go...?
    what did you prepare...?
    bring it on to show
    gather yer goodies to share

    Do you have a book...?
    or a work of art...?
    let's take a look
    each can have a part

    Bring yer creative stuff
    and why not...?
    it's all good enough
    let's see what you've got

    It could be carved wood
    or yer favorite pet goat
    'cause it's all good
    so why not gloat...?

    What have you made over the years...?
    we all had the same start
    there will be plenty of cheers
    'cause it's from yer own heart

    (Editor's note: this is not just pap
    it's an invitation
    don't be a sap
    please bring yer creation...!)

    So this is the last
    what do you think...?
    let's have a blast
    oh by the way..which one's Pink...?

    Ted Morris
    Poet Laureate (LOL)
    Washougal Community Library

    P.S. Who cares how big or small the object is in yer rear view mirror...?

    P.S.S. By now, size doesn't matter...:)...!
  • 8/1/11   We are on the count down. Don't forget to bring your own drinks. We will provide water, ice & coffee only.
  • 7/29/11   Please bring whatever photos or memorabilia you might have to share.
  • 7/23/11   Talked with Rob Tillotson today, check out his profile.
  • 7/21/11   I see there has been a few more 'posts' on the Message Forum page at the top since Brenda & I had a conversation back in March. It's a great way to reminise with classmates. So type away!
  • 7/18/11     Boy are we in for a show now. Ted Morris & Don Bergquist are going to team up to do the emceeing. Have your body armor on! 
  • 7/18/11     The golf outing has changed to Sunday August 7th at 9am. If your a golfer and interested in joining on, please send a message to Chris. As of now we have 6 people playing. Neal, Jerry, Ted, John Groshell, Chris & her husband Dick. 
  • 7/17/11     DEADLINE EXTENDED   The deadline for using your credit card has been extended a week. There are a few of you who have indicated attending but haven't officially signed up yet. The credit card option has been working great but we'll have to cut it off by July 22nd. Hurry...please sign up!
  • 6/8/11       This note from Ted Morris                                                         How about some golf Saturday morning...? I'm a scream to watch....!
  •  5/24/11    John Groshell has contacted us and would like to attend the reunion. You'll see that we have added him in the 'guest section'.  If you know where any other teachers are please let us know and we will contact them.
  •  5/17/11    We have the meal and the cost nailed down. You can now register and pay for the reunion. Just go to the "40 year reunion page" and follow the instructions at the bottom. If you need help, just "contact us" or call Chris at  360 468 2502
  •  4/13/11    We have heard from Patty. She doesn't do computers but she is going to attend the reunion.
  •  4/2/11      Patty Engle has been put back on the missing list.  We thought we had her physical address, but there has been no response to notes sent. If any of you have knowledge of her whereabouts, please 'contact us' above
  •  3/26/11    Neal Coy has provided us with some great class photos from Cherry Valley Grade School. Check them out in the Photo Galleries Page.     


    •  8/18/11   The answers to Pat's quiz are now at the bottom of the "Reunion Night" page.